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New Delhi : India’s original super cop KPS Gill who led Operation Black Thunder in 1987 against terrorists hiding in the Golden Temple, ever since, KPS Gill has been under a terror threat. Now 25 years late, he is being hounded by Khalistani terrorists. In an exclusive copy of an Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) note, which specifically mentions that a California-based Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) operative Manjeet Singh Gill has been tasked to target Gill. The report also mentions that the militants have already identified places frequented by Gill. The plot to target Gill coming to light, two months after Lieutenant General KS Brar was attacked in London. He fought back and survived but has warned that the threat against Gill cannot be taken lightly.

Brar, Operation Blue Star Commander, said, “If intelligence agencies here got information about someone they must from their sources find out where is this guy, how is he operating and get in touch with the US Government that here is a fellow who is supposed to be in California, these are the details we have and I am sure intelligence agencies in America and their police would try and track down this fellow. So that he is unable to attack Mr KPS Gill, the aim should be to get him before he is able to get Mr Gill.”

But the man who always led from the front remains unfazed about the Khalistani plot to target him during a foreign visit. “I have been receiving threats since years. My security has been beefed up and is vigilant. The Khalistani terror network is growing by the day,” Gill, former DGP, Punjab, said. Ajay Sahni, Counter Terrorism Expert, said, “Indian agencies should mandatorily inform and pressurise Western agencies to provide fullest protection to any visitor who maybe seen to be vulnerable or susceptible to attack and Western agencies should mandatorily provide security.” Sources say MEA has alerted the US Government about the BKI plot to attack Gill but it’s also for Indian agencies to go ensure that Gill’s security is not compromised when he travels abroad.
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